Friday, September 4, 2009

Say "Cheese"!

Lady Bug: "Is God behind those clouds?"
Me: "He is. He is out there and He's right here in the car with us and He's way out in outerspace. Remember? He's everywhere."
LadyBug: "He's even in our hearts and our tummies!"
Me: " That's right, baby. Did you know He made you? He put you altogether. He picked out your hair and your nose. He knew you even when you were just in my belly before I could even see you."
Lady Bug: "But you have a picture of me in your tummy, right?"
Me: "Yes I do."
Lady Bug: "I saw God when I was in your tummy! We put our faces together and said, "Cheeeese!"

I'm going to go look for His face in her sonogram. Because I totally believe her!


Jamie said...

What an awesome conversation!! Maybe God is in all sonograms. I'm going to look too :)

Jo@Mylestones said...

So precious!

Creech Clan said...

I love this!!!! So cool you have it recorded so you don't forget. I love those moments.