Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a Hard,...It's a Hard,... It's a hard to know what you're sayin'.

Brian and I went to a concert last night featuring, get this..., Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan!!! It was fabulous! Mara Davis on 92.9 had said a few weeks ago that she thought Mellencamp puts on the best show and she wasn't kidding! Of course, it was incredible fun listening to legendary Dylan garble through every song and Nelson just kept rolling through hit after hit.

My camera was hatin' Bob's all black entourage and background. Or maybe it was because it was after dark when he took the stage. Either way I was hating my camera since he was the one I wanted to get the best pictures of.
If he didn't have such a distinct voice I might have thought I was watching Carlos Santana instead. Of course, he would have given it away by putting down the guitar and stepping behind the keyboard. I really wish he had not been wearing that crazy fedora!

The people-watching was just as much fun as the music. It was possibly even better than being at the airport!

The family in front of us consisted of the grandparents, their kids and spouses and two small children. Who takes little kids to a concert like this?

Then there was this guy,

Ma and Pa Kettle,

Dreadlocks Guy,

And a group of twenty-somethings sitting 3 rows in front of a group of 4 little old women.

And I'll leave you with 28 seconds of classic incoherence - courtesy of The Poet Boy, Bob Dylan.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funky Funkerrific Funk

That is precisely how I would describe the mood I've been in for the last week. And by "funk" I mean: "down in the dumps", "pity party", "mully grubs", "poo pooness". I do not mean: "groovy", "cool" or "odd". The kids have tortured eachother and I must have said, "LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!!!", "PUT THE KITTY DOWN!!" or "STOP TOUCHING *fill in the blank*!!!" at least 700,000 times. Of course, I was PMSing (sorry guys - and by guys I really mean Brian since he's really the only guy reading this. And to him I say, "Sorry" very sincerely).

So, now that the funk is officially over I thought I would rejoin the land of the living and civil and post about the last week with a fresh perspective. That alright with everyone?

We went to the Annual Gregg Family Reunion in Aniston, Alabama this weekend and had a wonderful time swimming and eating and generally being with people we love SO very much! I have never once felt like I wasn't born into this family. They accepted and loved on me from Day 1 which was about 13 years ago. My bugs are finally starting to realize that Alabama is another state within The United States of America and not a) a cemetery or b) the pool at The Victoria Inn. When June Bug was about 3 or 4 years old we drove by the small cemetery next to the tracks on Canton Hwy./Ridgewalk Pkwy. and he pointed out the window and announced, "Look! Another Alabama!" This is one of those stories my grandchildren are going to hear 350 times and each time I will have forgotten that I told it to them already and they will never think it's as funny as I do.

On an entirely different note: Yesterday I brought the computer outside while the little bugs played (the weather was so perfect that it would have been illegal for me to keep them in the house). They were searching for the grasshopper that Lady Bug caught on Sunday and had just released back into the wild.
In the midst of their search, though, they found something I did not expect. Lady Bug brought me a rock, then Baby Bug says, "Look, Mama! Look what I found!" He thinks it's also a rock. But,... it's not a rock.... It's a pellet of rabbit poo!!! *GAG*

And today, after a dentist appointment for the Big Bug Boys, we went to Wal-Mart for school supplies because Sneak Peek is THURSDAY and school starts next MONDAY!! I didn't think I was quite ready but I have decided that if any of the bugs are going to see their next birthday then we had better get them away from their crabby mama pronto!

who is no longer the crabby mama. ; )

And I'll link this up to Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky simply because ...
it's Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feet Photos

Here are the rest of my favorite feet pictures from the other day. And if anyone knows how to make them post any larger, I would love to get some instructions.

This was done using the "metallic" option in HP Photosmart.
It really made this one stand out for me.

P.S. I did better today about being "with" the kids. I didn't even take my camera with us to the park and later today I have to help June Bug find a lost Pokemon game and am planning on making chocolate chip cookies with them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Heart Faces - Feet

The kids were playing with some friends from next door yesterday and 5 out of 6 were good sports about taking off their shoes so I could get pictures of their feet. Only Lady Bug didn't want to participate in the barefeetedness (yes, I'm aware that isn't a word). I took a ton of pictures and can't decide which was my favorite but I'm going to submit this one on the I Heart Faces blog and I'll show the rest tomorrow.

A Confession

I read Jo's post today for Tuesdays Unwrapped and I have to make a confession.

I've been planning things for the kids to do JUST so I can take pictures of them doing those activities. I haven't been playing with them or reading to them or laughing with them or just being with them. Oh, the ugly truth. I've been absent in my own skin. M.I.A.(missing in action). Actually, it's really AWOL (absent without leave). I've deserted my post and in my mind I've skipped town and headed south trying to escape from the duties I volunteered for. It's high-time I checked back in with my Commander In Chief at Headquarters and asked Him to take over for me. Because, clearly, this soldier can't do it alone.

Monday, July 20, 2009


These are my favorite scenic shots from Saturday. Rock City is such a beautiful place; it's so easy to take pretty pictures!

Jo, this one's for you.
June Bug walked by this stone, one of about 3,643,195, and said, "Look! Maine!"
Yes, he's 8 and he's brilliant.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brian's Birthday, Part Deux! Because we love to drag this whole birthday thing out as long as we can around here!

After seeing Rock City we ate at Cheeburger! Cheeburger! (who in the world came up with that name, anyhow?! I'm sure it says on their website so if you really want to know I'm certain you can find out.) Then we walked across the street to the Tennessee Aquarium. We only had enough energy left to visit The Ocean Journey side. The kids wanted to see the sharks and penguins and Brian and I had not been to the TN Aquarium since the second building has been built.

So serious!

I promise I'm not dumping her in!
Her little arms never did reach down far enough to touch any stingrays but she had a blast trying.

Who's GORGEOUS child is that?!
Oh! Mine! All mine!

Lady Bug with a butterfly

I hope that butterfly doesn't think that's a cave to fly into!
Sorry, I can't help myself! "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Um, yeah, my camera decided it was too tired to focus any longer.

After today, I'm kind of wishing I had one of these tank things to put them in (Lady Bug mostly) to muffle ALL. THE. WORDS. COMING. OUT. OF. HER. MOUTH. She's still talking, singing actually, even though I've put her to bed twice and she spent about an hour in the pool and a good 40 minutes in the tub tonight. Oh my gosh! at the energy!