Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wow! How did I manage to forget a Christmas blog?! We had a wonderful time with our families and the kids. Anna was especially sweet this year! For weeks she'd been talking about taking Santa some popcorn so we waited 3 hours at North Point Mall to give him his popcorn present and to get their picture taken! But not without incident! I'm just glad that other Mommy in line saw my Anna girl before she got too far and hung onto her until one of us found her! I may need one of those tracking systems for this one!

Our annual family picture. I told everyone to make a silly picture first so I could get a serious one next but I ended up liking the silly one even better!

Decorating Christmas cookies at Aunt Robin's house.

Visiting Santa at North Point Mall. We (Brian) had to wait 3 HOURS! Next year we'll make an appointment at Perimeter!

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

"Anna Banana Montana" rockin' it out!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Grey Hair

Quick survey: How many of you enjoy going grey? Raise your hand if you look forward to getting new grey hairs.

I'm raising my hand! Am I the only one?!

"Why?" you ask. I'm not exactly sure but I really like them. Now, mind you, I've only got about half a dozen but I'm not plucking and I'm not coloring my hair in order to cover them up (I just like coloring my hair and I usually hope that the color hasn't covered too many). I call them my own personal "bling." I can't afford any "bling" on my fingers or in my ears or around my neck so God has given them to me on my head. Also, maybe the personality of grey hairs matches my own and so I identify with them. They're kind of unruly, hard to manage, want to stand out in the crowd and they don't match. ; )

I guess most people don't like them because they think grey hair makes them look older. I don't mind looking older...if I'm older. Maybe I didn't enjoy being young enough to miss being young! Maybe I didn't have enough fun to realize what I'm missing now. : ) And, after all, thirty-three is still young. But I thoroughly look forward to each new year and each new birthday and to getting older.

So bring on the new grey! Raise your hand, people! It's not like you're the only one it's happening to!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worms, Rain and Toddlers

The last couple of days have been very wet around here. I didn't have to work on Thursday and instead of using that time to clean house I decided my time would be better spent playing with A and L and doing things we don't normally do. Like playing in the rain! They had a great time and so did I! We played with Play-Doh and painted and played in their rooms too. While we were outside we found some worms on the driveway. The kids were fascinated and they picked up all the worms off the driveway and put them back in the dirt. Of course, we may have to do it all again today since we've gotten even more rain today. Enjoy the video. I've probably watched it a dozen times and it's still just as funny to watch L picking up that worm!