Friday, September 11, 2009

I need motivation and accountability.

Last weekend I was scheduled to spend a few days in Tybee Island for some desperately needed "Me Time". There was a glitch in that plan called: My Sister-In-Law's Step-Dad's Lady Who Pays The Bills Didn't Pay The HOA Fees and So The Condo Can't Be Used Until It Gets Cleared Up.

So, I spent the weekend around town instead. With money. From my very generous sweetheart. One problem with that was that I didn't make a plan about what I really wanted/needed most and ended up spending more than he had given me and spending 1/2 my time returning things and feeling guilty. Not relaxing. BUT! I did take myself to see Julie and Julia at the movies Saturday and I am inspired!

Through her blog she presents a goal to herself and her readers to cook every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in one year. I'm not going to attempt to cook every night. I'd give up on Day 3. However, I have another goal in mind.

To quilt every day and spend less time on the computer.

I have a quilt I need to finish for Nephew Bug, one to make for Howard Baby #3, one for Creech Baby #3, one for Dutton Baby #3 and I have three others that have been started and are in one stage or another but not finished that have been lying around collecting dust for entirely too long.

So, I am going to post every day about the progress I am making until all my projects are completed.

Wish me luck!

Here is Nephew Bug's quilt. Yes, I realize it is VERY LOUD!!! I should have thought this one through a little better. Way too many large prints. Oh well. Gotta finish.

I tried taking a picture. As you can see it is not in focus.

I tried again.

This time I put the camera on my head to steady it. Um. No luck. I really need a tripod or a new camera.

There. ... Kind of.


Here is my quilting spot.

And here is her spot. She loves to be under the computer. She fell asleep before I got the pictures uploaded for this post.


Travelin Fam said...

sounds like a plan to me. especially since i am on the quilting list...haha! you do beautiful work! always such a blessing to those you give them to.

Gretchen, Justin & Elizabeth said...

I love your quilts, Rebekah!!! Have you opened an etsy shop yet?! My little one was just enjoying HER quilt the other day :-) I love how you stitched the handprints into it too...Priceless!!