Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SuperApple!

Uh oh. I guess I'm in trouble. I didn't quilt at all today.

I looked at it once or twice. Can we apply, "It's the thought that counts" in this situation?

I cleaned the bathroom, started to clean my bedroom, showered, messed around on facebook and helped Parker "disguise an apple". Well, really, I did all the cutting and gluing while he directed the project. Last Wednesday I panicked and thought the apple project was due the next day. I made Brian pick up an apple at the store after church and we slapped together a Batman Apple. Then, when Parker got home from school, I asked him if they had shared their projects. "No!", he replied. "No one else brought an apple!" That's when I read the assignment better and realized she had set the due date for the 17th - tomorrow. So, I had sent in a project a week early (that has never happened and is not likely to occur again). The only problem was that his teacher had specifically requested that the apples NOT be sent in until September 17th because she didn't want them rotting in her classroom. I sent her an e-mail the next day asking that she send the apple home with Parker and we would do the project again this week. Only this time he wanted his apple to be disguised as Superman so I couldn't use the "disguise" I had come up with last week and we had to make a new one. Here is our Superman Apple complete with The Daily Planet newspaper building.

And tomorrow, hopefully, I'll do some quilting.

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