Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random - My favorite way to be!

Now I'm in trouble! I've found another blog to add to my list of favorites! Joyce at From This Side of The Pond commented on yesterday's post and led me to hers and I'm hooked from day one.

Here are my answers to the questions that 2nd Cup of Coffee wants us to answer:
1. When you go to Wowmart, what one thing do you get every single time besides a funky-wheeled, squeaking cart full of frustration?

Hmmm... Do I ever get the same thing? I go there for anything and everything all the stinkin' time. In fact, ...shhhh.... I do my grocery shopping there just so I can spend the grocery money on things like cute outfits for Lady Bug and on frames and USB flash drives and other things we can't eat. I L-O-V-E Wal-Mart!! I wish I could live there.

2. What is something people are currently "into" that you just don't get or appreciate?

Starbucks. Sorry, folks, but I think I'd much rather spend my 8 bucks on something else and make my coffee myself with my Coffee Mate Vanilla Caramel creamer. Don't get me wrong I really love my coffee and I won't turn down an invitation to meet you there or a gift card from Starbucks but I just don't NEED my coffee to cost me an arm and a leg in order for it to taste good.

3. What is something that really hoists your sail that other people might feel "ho-hum" about?

Fabric! I could spend $300 dollars at Tiny Stitches even when I don't have a particular project in mind. Oh the cuteness!

4. Favorite song to sing in the shower or car?

Anything Bob Marley

5. A really great salad must have this ingredient?


6. Advice in a nutshell to new bloggers (one or two sentences):

Just keep it up even when it doesn't seem like anyone else is reading it; write for yourself and don't worry about what others might think about it.

7. What is the alternate name your parents almost named you? Do you wish they had chosen it instead of the one they named you?

Christopher. Um... absolutely not.

8. What in your life are you waiting for?


9. You get a package in the mail. What is it and who is it from?

Currently I'm waiting on my new phone. So, I guess it's either from Sprint, since it was an upgrade and free or from myself since I ordered it.

10. Today - What song represents you?

I can't pick just one. Right now it's either Blessed by Brett Dennen or Upside Down by Jack Johnson.

11. What is one thing that blogging has taught you about yourself?

That I'm even moodier than I suspected.

12. How are you going to (or how did you) choose the clothes you're wearing today? What do they say about you in general or specifically how you're feeling today?

I have on khakis, a white ribbed tank underneath a black hoodie and black flip-flops. I skipped the hat because my hair didn't look atrocious. I put on what didn't need to be ironed. But later I actually have to see other people so I'll put on something else... well, on second thought... I'm not sure what this says about me except that I had to get dressed in order to go out of the house.


R.L.Scovens said...

I wish I could live in Walmart too!!LOL

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Rebekah! I loved reading your answers. I have to say, you are the first person in history, I am SURE, who has said, "I wish I could live there," in the same breath as Wowmart. Funny!

Starbucks: I'm getting coffee there tonight for my friends, but it's a special occasion. I don't spent the bucks at Bux that often.

Fabric and Bob Marley--very unique. I watched a Bob Marley bio the other night.

Love your advice to bloggers, and girl, you sound stylish!

Nice to meet you, Rebekah!

Jo@Mylestones said...

You crack me up. Living at walmart? Really? I'd be afraid that little gremlins in blue aprons and bouncing smiley faces would come out at night and I'd never be able to sleep.

Susanne said...

I've been known to spend the odd grocery dollar on something non-edible at the Wowmart too.

Starbucks is a once in a while treat around here although I do really like it. I'm with ya on not seeing spending that kind of money on a constarnt basis.

Jewel said...

Oh I'm definitely into Starbucks.. but I'd like to say I spend my bucks wisely and make the trips not so frequent, and rarely without a "special occasion."

So what do you do with all that fabric?????

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh I love this post.....thanks for sharing some great things about yourself. Love how "real" you are!

Dena said...

I always get everything and everything when I go shopping too. Hard not to...especially if it's on sale!

Great answers. Nice to meet you! :)