Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Capture - Warmth

Aaaahhh...Warmth!  Time to thaw.  
For all my friends north of the Mason-Dixon Line,
consider this an informal but official invitation to pack your things and migrate south.

Warm sunshine through the kitchen window

Cozy quilt

Landon is 4 now!

Warm enough to play outside!

Warm enough to play outside WITHOUT jackets on!

Laundry still warm from the clothes dryer


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four! It's like his last year to be a baby! (kind of)

My baby is four years old today!

He is quite a handful at times but he is full of kisses and "I love you"s and lots of silliness so it all balances out in the end.
Last night I interviewed him.  I wanted the picture to be of him, naturally, and I wanted to get it on video so I will always remember how he talks at this age but he wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with that!  He showed his tush to the camera (literally) and cried, "NO!  STOP  TAKING PICTURES  OF  MEEEEE!"   The only way he would agree to answering my questions at all was if he was holding the video camera.  In his defense, it was way past his normal bed time and he was especially ornery.  But being "especially ornery" is not at all unusual for him and he's actually turned it into a higher art.

So, if you are prone to motion sickness, get a barf bag ready...

And, yes, I have a zit on my chin...

Happy Birthday, Landon!  We love you so much!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - 02/11

I had to laugh that today's Ten On Ten started the same way as last month's!  Only this time the street is clear and every flake was melted by 2 pm.

I've decided that next month for Ten On Ten I'm going to have to take my camera off Manual mode and put it back on Auto because clearly I can't think about changing all my settings all day long and 4 or 5 of my pictures turned out like this and it was too late to take them over again.  Oh well.

ten on ten button