Wednesday, September 23, 2009

12:22 Central Time

I'm really going to pay for this tomorrow when we lose an hour by crossing our beloved Georgia border but I'm so thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet and trying to catch up with all my favorite bloggers and with the news of flooding in our hometown. We'll return tomorrow to who knows what.

We have been quite busy with not being busy here in the Panhandle. We've eaten good, soaked up some Vitamin D, tried to treat a rash caused by an allergic reaction to sunscreen, fed gators, watched dolphins and TONS of jellyfish and played in the pool like it was about to go out of style. This has been our first family vacation in 3 years and we have had a wonderful time. Baby Bug is a bit worn out and was starting to show some signs of wear and tear today on the dolphin cruise - hitting his mama, yelling at his mama, running away from his mama, removing his mama's arm from around his waist, etc., etc..

And then tonight, on our way back to the beach house, he asked me, "Mama sweep wid me?" To which I replied, "You want me to lie down with you tonight?" "Yesh." "Okay, Bud." And then, in the dark as I laid next to him, I leaned over and told him I loved him and he answered back, "I love you too."

It's been a great day.


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