Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slow and Steady

Sweet Shot Day

I knew immediately when I saw this wonderful couple that I had the subject for my Sweet Shot.  It was just a matter of getting a great picture of them.  They had been standing there, on the top of Stone Mountain, with their hands clasped tightly together behind them and just before I took this shot of them they curled their arms around one another.  They stood there looking out over Atlanta for a long time talking quietly to one another before they went closer to the edge.  When they started back toward the SkyRide building they were helping one another navigate the rocky terrain and making their way back at their own steady pace.  

And I want to be just like them.


Monday, June 28, 2010

And now an Angel lives here and she's pooping on the floor.

Ok.  So, finally, here is the story of how an Angel became part of our family.

Last Wednesday Anna and Landon went outside to play and were greeted by a tongue lolling, tail wagging critter that immediately rolled over so they could rub her belly.  She was so sweet and so cute!  At first I thought she might be a stray since I didn't recognize her but, after a minute of oohing and ahhing over her, she took off after a man doing some work at the house next door.   I thought, "Gosh!  That kind of dog makes me want a dog!"  

Brian came home for lunch and was trying to help me locate every file and all 6,000 pictures saved on this stupid computer because something was terribly wrong with it when Anna came back inside and said, "That man says that he can't keep that dog and he's trying to find a home for it."   I replied, "Honey, we can't have that dog right now.  That's something we'll all have to talk about first."  and I sent her back outside.  

Then I turned to Brian and batted my pretty little eyelashes and whispered, "I want THAT dog.  She is SO sweet."  Then I told him the story of how the kids met her and asked him to at least come outside and see what he thought of her.  If he really didn't think it was a good idea then we would just tell Anna no and that would be that. As I recall, he said to me, "I just want you to know I will have limited involvement with that dog."  (hee hee...we'll see about that.)  

The man, Nehemiah, said he had found her at a gas station 3 weeks ago and that he had been having to take her with him to all his painting jobs because he couldn't leave her in his apartment all day and he felt like she really needed a permanent home with someone that could take better care of her.  I looked at Brian and he shook his head yes and now she lives with us.  

And guess who rubs her tummy and her ears and talks to her in his sweetest little baby talk voice to ask her, "Who's the sweetest wittle doggy wog?  Huh?  Is it you? Oh, Yes it is you!"

I wouldn't call that "limited involvement" would you?  But can you blame him?  Look at those sweet eyes!


I'm determined to click "Publish Post" at the end of this.

It's 11:39 p.m..  And I will not be able to sleep until I write this down.

I used to think I had a lot to say.  Well, shoot!  I still have a lot to say but I used to think that it was necessary to share it all and I didn't particularly care how it got said.  I lost at least one job and one friend because of this attitude and my careless words.   Saying whatever I felt and exaggerating to get my point across has also at least partially damaged some other friendships.  

I think I've learned to keep some of my opinions to myself and, when I do share my opinion, to distinguish them as such before I speak.   There is a difference between opinions and facts and I know that now.  If you are unaware of the difference, you only need to watch any "news" program on any channel to see the muddled mixture of these two.

I often don't think that what I have to say is worth hearing, though.  To be constantly interrupted, dismissed and often ignored can easily give someone this impression.  

In church, I have often heard speakers, teachers and preachers say things like, "God doesn't need your opinion." or "Too often we come to God in prayer and all we do is talk and we need to do more listening."  I think that last statement is true.  To a point.   

Because God DOES indeed care what I think.  God is listening.  God hears me.   And tonight I just want to say to Him:

Thank you, Lord.  For listening.  For hearing me.  For not rolling your eyes if I'm using too many words.  For giving me your full attention even when I get distracted and can't stay focused.  

Ladies and gentlemen,  He's got great big ears, my God does.  And I'm of the humble opinion that He's capable of hearing you and even speaking to you at the same time.  


Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Capture - Get Down!

I kind of forgot about this week's You Capture assignment.  But getting down low to take pics is one of my favorite things to do so I'm sure I can find something from the last week.  Let's see...

 Down low to get a shot of the butterfly Anna "caught" at the Tennessee Aquarium last week.

Down low...underground low in Ruby Falls last week. 
 And lastly down low to get a picture of the newest member of our family.  
More details to come.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cameron's Birthday

I will do my very best to get this here blog up to date.  One post at a time and I may go in reverse order so don't get confused..

First up: Cameron's 9th birthday!   WHAT?!?   NINE???? 

We got him his own mp3 player and speakers for his birthday and I think he has only spent about 10 of the last 30 hours without headphones in his ears.  He loves his Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic.  And he's really, super duper cute singing along, "I'm fat!  I'm fat!  You know it!"   

Happy Birthday, Cameron!  You're an incredible kid.  You are so smart; your Grandma says she's never seen such high CRCT test scores (nearly perfect score in Math).   You love to play Bloons on the computer, learning new things and laughing with your friends.  Yesterday you asked to go to IHOP for breakfast, for mac and cheese for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.  You insist that you don't like anything to drink except milk and water and no amount of coaxing/bribing will get you to try new things.    

I'll never forget the afternoon I spent snuggling you and rocking you in the glider a couple weeks after we brought you home from the hospital.  I was crying because I could hardly believe you were all mine - that I was your mommy and that I was the one granted the awesome privilege of taking care of you.  You'll probably go to college the year you turn 18, which means that the time with you under my roof is already half over!  I can't think about that now or I will be curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb.  I love you.


Friday, June 18, 2010

You Capture - Water

I didn't have time to edit and get these posted yesterday so I'm linking up a day late to Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry.  All these water-themed pictures were taken Wednesday evening (the rainbow) and Thursday (aquarium and waterfall pics).

Here's where a wide-angle lens would have been handy.  Maybe one day I'll figure out how to put 2 or 3 photos together to make a panoramic shot.
The rainbow definitely counts in this week's theme because
#1. you can't have a rainbow without water & 
#2. Genesis 9:11 -  "I establish my covenant with you: 
Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; 
never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth."

Having a great time at the stingray touch tank at the Tennessee Aquarium.
They all got to touch one this time.

Look!  There's even a picture of me taken by a sweet stranger.

I love all the hands-on learning activities here.

After the aquarium we took the kids to Ruby Falls for the 1st time.  It is awe inspiring.

Go check out some more incredible water pics and link up your own at:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Before & After - Anna's room

I can check one thing off my To-Do list!
I may have mentioned a time or two that I've been switching the kids' rooms around and painting and such. Well, I'm finally done with Anna's room.  All that I need to get for it is a rug, a clock and a new light fixture.  

Here's what the room looked like 4 weeks ago.  Cameron and Parker shared this room.  It's a very long room over the garage, technically the Bonus Room, but it has it's own full bathroom and large walk-in closet.  All the things an only girl in the family will need for privacy.


 Here's what the room looks like now after many, many days of 
painting and sewing and cleaning and hanging things.
(It's not quite this pink; I hit contrast on the pictures but it's a little lighter than this in real life.)
 Eventually I will paint this back wall the same shade of pink but I ran out of steam.  I will do that when I'm done decorating the boys' rooms.  So use your sanctified imagination and think pink.

Here's my didn't-feel-like-taking-the-time-to-read-any-instructions slipcover for her chair.  Trust me, even this wonky slipcover is an ENORMOUS improvement over the nasty stained chair underneath.

And here is the sweet, busy, beautiful girl that made all that work worth it.

 Hopefully, in the next 2 weeks I'll have more Before & After pics to show you of the boys' rooms.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I've Neglected to Post About

because I've let my brain be consumed with thoughts of redecorating, painting and moving furniture.
Things like Preschool Graduation...

 and a rain delayed Braves game...
that turned into dinner at 
The Varsity ("What'll ya have?" -  Mmmm...a chili cheese dog and an F.O. please)  
and Ikea..

Things like taking the training wheels off...

and going to the mall just to ride the carousel.

Spending a weekend with old friends and new.

And catching fireflies.

 It's only June 13th and it's been a busy summer.  I hope I can do better about recording the "slivers" of our summer.  I don't want to forget what a sweet time this has been.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Heart Faces - Play

I could hear a lot of noise coming from Cameron's room and determined that some investigating was necessary.  This is what I found.

They were laughing and saying things like, "Smell my feet!" and "Come back here, fluffy pillow!" It's so rare to catch them being physical like this without them fighting.

 They were wrestling and trying to push each other over the side of the bed.   Amazingly, neither of them was getting mad or too rough.  That, my friends, is a miracle.  I love having boys.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Homecoming speech - Dan Berschinski


I Heart Faces Photowalk - Atlanta


 I was able to participate in the I Heart Faces Photowalk on Saturday.  I didn't know what to expect since this was the first time I had done anything like this.  I kind of expected to learn something about photography or my camera but it was really more for meeting other photographers.  We went to Oakland Cemetery and then to lunch afterward at Six Feet Under where I got to sit with some very sweet gals!  (Note to self: take pictures of those girls if I get to see them again.)  I really want to take a photography class this year; I have a lot to learn!