Sunday, June 17, 2012


Was reading a post today by fat mum slim.  In the post she wonders why her mother doesn't read her blog.  At the end of the post, she asked if your parents read your blog or are on facebook.  The responses were sadly revealing. 

Most people responded that if they do have a blog that their parents, friends and/or spouses don't read it.  Most expressed that they wished these important people did read what they write.  And a few told how much it meant to them when their loved ones let them know they were reading.

How sad that most of us who are writing in blogs or jotting in journals are doing so and not being heard by the people that matter most to us.  If you write, you write to be heard, yes?  You have something to say... don't we all?  Who is listening?  Who is paying attention?  And, even if you have a blog, are you able to openly express your feelings or do you feel prohibited from approaching certain topics, expressing your emotions, giving your opinion?  And how sad is it that we feel a need to send our thoughts out into the World Wide Web because we can't do so at home?  Looking for feedback, encouragement, like-minded individuals, acceptance, recognition, someone who is really listening without interrupting, ...._____________.  Fill in your blank.

We're all so terribly, terribly busy.  We don't stop to pay hear.  



Who is talking to you today?