Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mmmm... Beef and Pork

Here I am again! This whole motivation and accountability thing I've started here is really helping! Would you believe I actually quilted for about 3 hours today?! I would have taken pictures of my progress if the batteries in my camera hadn't died. I think, if I keep this up, I could have the loud puppy dog make your eyes go all dizzy quilt done by the weekend. I'm only 2 self-prescribed deadlines and 1 to 3 months late with it but who's keeping track? Nephew Bug will get it before Christmas anyhow. And, really, he doesn't mind. He's such a tolerant little lad.

On another topic, I've been cooking this week as well as doing laundry and quilting. I am so impressed with myself. Last night I cooked up some Beef and Mushroom Stew accompanied by Chile Cornsticks. Oh my! Oh my! We ate what was left over for lunch today. Let me confess that I wasn't at all disappointed that the kids didn't eat more than their required one bite. We always make them try at least one bite of something new and they weren't thrilled with it. Darn! You gonna eat that? No? Ok! Thanks! (Don't worry; they didn't go hungry. They decided they would rather have strawberry-banana yogurt instead and they each ate a cornstick.) Every year I look forward to turning the page in my Cooking Light Annual Book 1997 edition to the September chapter because I know what's coming. Beef and Mushroom Stew with Chile Cornsticks, baaaybeee!

And tonight I made Ginger-Glazed Pork Tenderloin out of Southern Living's September 2008 issue. I thought it might end up being a disaster but, let me tell you, it was anything but a disaster! I'm already looking forward to my left-overs for lunch tomorrow.

Mmmmmm.... I'm going to have tasty dreams. I hope I don't eat my pillow.

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Joyce said...

I'm going to check out the recipe links...I need something new!

Congratulations on your productivity. Maybe by reading here some of that will rub off on me : )