Monday, February 15, 2010

Sugar Babies and Dr. Pepper are NOT Part of a Balanced Diet.

When we met I was very thin (too thin really). *sigh*  Those were the days (just kidding):  eating Sugar Babies and Dr. Pepper for "dinner" on class nights and Taco Bell and McDonald's with nary a thought to what damage that may have on my thighs.   ; )  That beautiful, simple wedding dress was a size 4!  AND, I had to have it taken in and altered quite a bit before it actually fit my frame.  

Now?   I don't think it would make it past my hips and the two sides of the zipper would have to write each other some type of correspondence since there would be no hope of them ever meeting again. "Dear Right Side, I miss you terribly!  Remember when we were once locked in a passionate embrace?  How I long to hold you once again. Sincerely, Left Side."

That's alright;  that dress may not fit me the way it once did but his arms are still just the right size.

I've  already written a synopsis of our love story here.  Linking up today to Jumping Tandem's Your Love Story.  Go read a few others and add yours to the list!  I love reading a good love story, don't you?