Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I woke up not feeling too swift this morning.  Queasy.  Unsettled.  Of course, the first thought to run through my mind was, "Dear, Lord, don't let me be pregnant."    I'm completely unequipped to handle the four children we already have; I know I couldn't handle any more.
It seems I'm just run down from all of the Mom kind of activities lately.  
  • Being a nurse for Anna who has had a cold and ear infection for the last week.  She was sick the entire week of Winter Break and we had planned on doing a lot of fun things but instead spent 7 days cooped up in the house.  Oh well.

  • Hosting a birthday party here at the house to celebrate Landon and my mom's birthdays.

  • Playing referee in the wrestling arena that our living room has turned into since the boys were bored. And trying to soothe and not to scold or scream but not being very successful.
  • Teaching Sunday School.
  • Volunteering in Preschool in a room full of 24 three year olds.
  • Going up to the Tennessee Aquarium Sunday afternoon. 
  • Painting at a friend's new house.
  • Saying goodbye to my brother who will be gone for another year teaching in S. Korea.
  • And wondering what happened to my sweet little boy who seems to be 8 going on 13 lately.  Oh my!  What an attitude.  Don't let that sweet smile fool you; he's holding an ice cream cone, after all.
So, today I'm feeling icky.  Time for a break.  Need a nap.  Or a nanny and a cook and a chauffeur.  But I've gotten quite a bit of quilting done and finished reading Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott.  So that's good, right?  It'll have to do.