Monday, February 22, 2010

Curiosity Gets Your Whiskers Wet

Our morning routine now includes helping Landon go potty.  

This morning he was sitting on "the little potty" while the cat was wandering around looking for mischief.   She just had to see what was going on in the bathroom but when you're only  9 inches tall this means that your whiskered face is about level with the edge of "the little potty."  She's watching Landon pee and clearly is getting splashed because those ears are twitching as if she were standing outside in a light rainstorm.  HELLLOOOOO?!!  Don't you think you should back up a bit and give that boy some room?   

Landon insists on removing pants and underwear completely before doing his business which requires me to sit on the floor to help him strip.  Once he is finished peeing in "the little potty", Which, by-the-way, took almost 2 minutes!...Really? Come on! Did he have a beer before bed?  Anyhow, I am in charge of emptying "the little potty" once he's done.   I came within inches of spilling 2 minutes of pee all over the floor because, ...ahem!..., I am 34 years old and in awful shape and don't get off the floor easily anymore and nearly tripped over the feline who was so interested in the potty process this a.m.. 

Whew!  That would have been an ugly start to my week. 

But....I said all that just to say this...

Landon's been dry even at night for over a week!  We are down to only a half dozen pull-ups.  The last half dozen pull-ups I will ever have to buy!

Well,... at least until we have grandkids.  But that's a very, very, very long way away!!!  And maybe by then they will have potty training camps you can send your kids to.   They'll go off to camp for a few days and come home as civilized human beings who use the restroom with ease.  

HA!  Yeah right.