Sunday, November 8, 2009

I did. I do. And I will.

I had had enough. It had only taken 6 months, which really isn't a long time at all, but it had been long enough or too long, depending on how you looked at it. I told him we were through. We  seemed to always be arguing.  What a good decision that was to make for a girl of 20 years. Especially a girl who didn't own a lot of self-assurance.

Monday morning found me doubting that decision and telling my coworkers about the break-up. Brian came in and requested patient files and asked how my weekend had been. I told him, "Not so good. I broke up with my boyfriend." I don't remember how he responded outwardly but inwardly he was doing the equivalent of a hefty defensive lineman doing a touchdown jig in the endzone because he had recovered a fumble by the other team's star receiver. In other words, he was thinking, "SCORE!"

He consulted his buddies later that day. "How long should I wait before I ask her out?" "At least two weeks." But 4 days later he asked me out. I said yes. I told myself while preparing for that first date, "I'm gonna grill this guy. If it doesn't seem like this could turn into a seriously fantastic relationship then I'm never going out with him again. I'm tired of wasting my time." Remember, I was only twenty but I was ready for "the one". One date turned into many dates and transformed into that seriously fantastic relationship I had only seen on the movie screen.

He asked me to be his bride on December 23, 1996. I said Yes I would and I did on November 8th twelve years ago.

These twelve years haven't been the easiest or the calmest or the prettiest but I wouldn't take back those "I do's" for anything in the world. I love this man.

And the really amazing part? He loves me.

I had the jeweler engrave "It Only Gets Better" on the inside of his wedding band before I placed that ring on his finger 12 years ago. I had no idea how true those words would be.



Bee said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! You know, after 22 years, I'm still amazed when I think, "He love me!"

And you are so right, my friend. It only gets better.

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sweet Annabelle said...

What a great story! You WERE very wise for a 20 year old.