Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have Fun Gals! Wish I Could Be There With You!

I need some time off.  Not just a 2 hour trip to the mall.   Not even just coffee with a friend.   Going to dinner and a movie isn't gonna cut it.  

I didn't realize just how badly I need some time away until Corinne suggested getting New England bloggers together and I started to plan on going.   And I'm NO WHERE NEAR New England!    I'm in the Dirty South, y'all.  But I was totally willing and ready to buy a plane ticket and haul my tushie to Maine next month.


As in... WINTER!  BRRRR.....

That's pretty desperate, folks, considering I'm chilly sitting by the fire in my 72 degree house in Georgia where the high was 41 degrees today.   Desperate.

Desperate to get away.  But I don't feel like being alone.  That would be way too depressing.  I need some girl time.  Time with girls like me.  Girls who aren't afraid.  Maybe some girls who are a little overwhelmed and won't feel guilty for saying they're overwhelmed.   Girls who don't have it all together.   Girls who will listen and not offer advice.   Girls who don't have all the answers.   Girls who don't need anything from me.  Because right now I'm feeling kind of sucked dry.

That's why I wanted to be with those girls who are going.  These are some pretty cool chicks.  Or at least they seem that way from here. A thousand miles away and yet here in my lap on the computer screen and yet also in my heart.