Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Capture - Animals

I wasn't sure how to post this first set of pictures.  There are so many of them.  They didn't fit under any of my other categories for my posts about my recent trip.  

But then!   Beth announced that this week's theme was "Animals"!  I took these the week before she announced our assignment but I also made sure to take some pictures this week of the animals that live in this house.   .... And I'm not talking about my children! 

I even took some pictures of animals at Landon's preschool on Farm Day!  My animal photo taking opportunities have been abundant and varied!  Soooo....First up!!!....

Wild monkeys roaming freely in their natural habitat...
An island resort just south of Singapore!
 This guy was the first one we saw that morning.  He was at the top of that pole and came sliding down and sat on the roof as we approached.

This guy (do you tend to think of monkeys as being male?  I do.) ...was eating a coconut.
 I stopped taking pictures of "him" when the thought occurred to me that he might just throw that coconut on my little head.  Hey!  It's not every day I get to see a monkey roaming around and not in a cage at Zoo Atlanta.  So, I was taking a lot of pictures!

Another one!


I love the monkey trying to sneak up and steal the older one's breakfast!

Onto domestic animals.   Dogs are gross.  They lick themselves all slurpily and they chew on their own feet and they eat bugs and they smell other dogs' poo and other dogs' butts...
This is exactly why I said I would rather be reincarnated as a house cat.
 GiGi thinks Angel is gross too.

And last but not least...
Farm animals!

 Landon was most intrigued by all the animals' tails and I'm very surprised and very pleased that he didn't end up with any ...ahem!..."presents" on his shoes.

Go check out You Capture (click on the button) to see more animal pics!