Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Travel Post - Singapore

Well, here we are!  The last post about my trip!  
Okay.  Okay.  You can stop applauding. 

Welcome to Singapore!  Well, at least the tiny little portion I saw.  We were only here for 10 hours and we were sleeping during 5 of those hours so I don't have much to show you.  You will just have to go there yourself one day and then maybe you can tell me what it's really like.

It is a beautiful city!   They take many more chances architecturally than we do here in the States and each building, whether it's a mall, a museum or a government building, is unique and interesting to look at.  

It's also a very clean city.  There are many rules and regulations that keep it this way.  One of the laws is that it is illegal to sell gum here.  They don't want anyone sticking a nasty, chewed piece of gum under a table or on a light post or dropping it on the ground to get stuck to someone's shoe.  It's not illegal, however, to chew gum.   So, we made sure our taxi driver, Michael, got a whole unopened pack of chewing gum to take home!

We followed this sweet couple for several blocks and he kept his arm around her shoulder and the umbrella over her head the whole time even though it was barely sprinkling.  
 I'm kind of considering doing this to my hair in the spring!  Well, maybe not the WHOLE thing but wouldn't a lock this color look good over my eye or tucked behind my ear?  We'll see.

 We went to a Swiss restaurant called Marche' for dinner.  They have crepe stations and meat stations and stations for freshly squeezed juice and on and on and on!  It is DELICIOUS!  Every bit of it.  I wish we had one here in Atlanta.

 Starbucks looks and feels the same everywhere, doesn't it?

This was our view from our room at the YMCA-Singapore.  Now, I don't highly recommend staying there  if you're going on vacation but it was quiet and clean and served our needs.  And our needs were to keep our budget low and to get at least a few hours of shut-eye before having to be up at 3 a.m. so we could catch our flight at 5 a.m..  Bags just  suddenly developed under my eyes as I typed that.

It was a really wonderful trip and I feel very privileged and blessed that I was able to go.  I went and spent time with a very dear, very close friend and her family and I made some new dear friends while I was there.   Now I know better how to pray for each one of them.  I've seen them cook in ovens so small I don't think my head would fit in it.   I know that each day a fruit bat poops on my friend's washing machine and obviously it has to be cleaned before she can use it to wash clothes.   Now I know from experience that the traffic is horrendous and that the cops can be crooked.  Now I've smelled what she smells, I've sweated like she's sweated (maybe a little more; I sweat a lot.  Sorry TMI) and I've seen what she sees and I've been where she's been.

And I can't wait to go back and do it all again.