Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Virtual Coffee - 10/19/10

Like Corinne, I didn't feel like blogging today.  But, like I told her, I feel like I need to or I've let myself down.

So, tonight we're having "Virtual Coffee".  Only it's not quite as good as real coffee because you can actually taste real coffee and when you're with friends having real coffee that means you're actually together in the same room. But "virtual coffee" will have to do tonight.  'Cause, quite frankly, I'd be too tired to actually get in my car and meet you somewhere for the real thing.  And you don't want to come here to my house because the upstairs hallway smells of dog pee.  (keepin' it real, folks.  REALLY need to rent a carpet cleaner this week.  dumb dog)

If we were together, you'd ask me how I'm feeling ('cause you're sweet like that) and because you'd notice that my brow is furrowed and I look a little tense.  You'd notice these things because my shoulders and my back are tight from working hard in this house today.   

I'd tell you how I've kind of taken the last couple weeks off, so to speak.  I only got the bare minimum done; barely scraping by when it comes to chores.    The laundry got done and the bathrooms were cleaned but that was about all; so, I've turned it up 10 notches over the last two days and I'm physically exhausted.  But I had a great day yesterday and today and it's, in large part, due to the fact that I got so much accomplished.   You'd ask me what I got done and I'd recount the harrowing details of cleaning up Anna's pig sty (a.k.a. her room, her closet and her hallway) and how, in order to do those things, I had to first rearrange the 3 storage/attic spaces next to her room.  But now everything is in it's new place and it should be easier to find things.  It was well worth it.  And about time; we've only lived here for 4 years!  What took me so long?

And I'd show you the evidence from my phone that it was a complete disaster!  I would lament that these were the only pictures I took today and they were with my lousy phone.

 Then I'd show you when I was finally done with that daunting task ...at 6:00 p.m....that I took another picture of me crashed out on the bed and how the animals crashed next to me.  And we'd laugh about how freakishly big and kind of twisted my arm looks!

I'd take another long sip of my cafe mocha and then tell you how I'm looking forward to seeing a friend tomorrow.  I'd talk of my plans for next week which include helping in Anna's class, helping in the school library and going on two field trips and how it's really best not to think about these things too far ahead of time or I will develop an eye twitch.  (And then my eye might begin to twitch a little.) (But you'll pretend not to notice.)  

I'd ask you about how your day went and what your plans are for the next week and yours might look a lot like mine.  

So?  How was your day?

join me for coffee!