Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 5 - Fishing Village

A very bumpy, very holey road took us to a fishing village on the fifth day of our trip.  I think this was my favorite day because we got to stay and chat via translator with some very sweet ladies and some curious fishermen.  One of the women said she would like to come to the U.S. with me to be my helper since I have 4 children but one of the other ladies reminded her that she would miss her own children if she did that!   It reminded me how blessed I am to have my mom living right here with me and how thankful I was that she was at home helping Brian while I was away!  Thanks, Mom!  I couldn't have gone on this trip if it weren't for you!

 I mistakenly thought this little guy was about 5 years old but he was actually 8 and in the 2nd grade!  
Same as my Parker Bear!

This Chinese gentleman reminded me so much of my Grandpa - they're the same age also. 

This beautiful chinese woman took a picture of she and I together with her phone (arm stretched out style) and now I am on her facebook page somewhere!  I wish I had gotten her name.

The ice cream man!  Music playing from his motorcyle and all.

This woman was so funny!  Three of us had walked through a little restaurant/home/store to use the "squatty potty"  in the backyard.   The squatty potty was in a tiny concrete building and the roof is kind of openly attached (?) - basically there's a space between the top of the wall and where the roof starts.  I said, "Selamat siang.  Apa kabar?" (Good day.  How are you?) and so ,naturally, she thought I spoke her language and began jabbering away at me.  Unfortunately my language ability is limited to about 5 phrases and I had not a clue what she was saying.  Our friend that does speak the language was in the squatty potty at the time and she began translating and talking to this sweet woman from the bathroom!  I just smiled and nodded.

Once we were done with our "potty talk" we took our very spicy "take-out" food, wrapped in banana leaves and a paper bag, to the beach.  The beach is down a very long, very narrow road.  You have to go over two miniscule bridges to get there.  On the first bridge a man was doing repairs.  There was a huge hole on one side and he was filling it with sand and a wooden board.  We had to precariously squeeze past his construction project to get to the other side.   The second bridge is so steep going up that all you see is sky and can't see the other side.  Or if anyone else is trying to come across from the other direction! 

But we made it safely across both bridges and found this waiting for us on the other side.

It was such a wonderful day and I really hope to go back in a couple years!