Monday, July 12, 2010

I look ridiculous but I don't care.

So, an update on my neck...if you're interested is:
That apparently I have irritated a disc and Sunday morning you would have found me screaming in pain when I had to sit up or get out of bed and especially when I had to get back into a lying down position.  Excruciating.  Now I am a vision of loveliness in a cervical collar.  Can you imagine if I have to wear this ridiculous thing to the beach this weekend?  Someone on facebook suggested that I Bedazzle it!  HA!!  Maybe I could substitute it for a tightly wrapped towel.  I'm definitely going to need an outrageously floppy sun hat to cover it up.  Those would be some kind of tan lines wouldn't they?  But I feel much better today and I am optimistic that Brian will get me fixed up enough that I won't need the collar by Friday.  

Did I mention that I'm glad he's a chiropractor?  I just can't imagine our life without chiropractic.  I've been thinking about it a lot lately.  A few weeks ago we were eating dinner at the kitchen table when Landon was being silly and shaking his head around and generally being a goofball when he suddenly cried out in pain and clutched his neck.  Still crying, he jumped out of his chair and ran to me and I told him to go in my room and Daddy would give him an adjustment.  Brian went with him and adjusted his neck and not 2 minutes later my baby emerged skipping and laughing and sat back down and ate his dinner.  Later the very same evening, I was helping Anna clean her room before bedtime when one of my ribs came "out of place".  Has this ever happened to you?  It's awful.  It's like your rib is stabbing you every time you take a breath and you can't move because it hurts so bad.  Brian fixed me up and I was immediately able to finish what I was doing.  Amazing.  

I love what he does and that he does it so well.

Anna getting an adjustment.