Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday at Tanglewood Farm


We had so much fun at Tanglewood Farm yesterday!  Cameron, who is nine years old, groaned about how "boooring" it was going to be and was mad when I wouldn't let him take his Nintendo DS with him.  I think he enjoyed it even more than the rest of us.  He was the only one that didn't ride a horse but he's so much more cautious than the other three.  Tanglewood has tons of animals including (but not limited to) horses, miniature horses, goats, sheep, tiny pigs, donkeys, llamas or alpacas, chickens and turkeys. I really wanted to put the brand new baby goat in my pocket and bring her home with me!  SO  CUTE!!!
This sweet gal to the left is Michelle, the owner, and  I kind of wanted to bring her home with me, too!

 Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  
I love your sweet, busy little self so much!