Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloggy Strangers No Longer!

OH!  This child!  Was  h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e  today!  I went to meet a bloggy friend who is in town for the weekend.  I had to take Anna and Landon with me but she may virtually disown me after having to spend an hour around this little monster.  Joyce is much too sweet to do something like that... I hope.

I was so excited to get to meet her!  I've been reading her blog for almost a year.  She mentioned that she would be in the Atlanta area this weekend and so we decided that this was a perfect opportunity to get together.  It was so nice to be able to see her face to face and to have a live conversation.  Anna was a sweetheart and I could have handled her and both Cameron and Parker better than one Landon but I didn't want to send the most rambunctious one with Brian to work.

We met at Starbuck's because bloggers can't do anything without coffee.  I didn't get any coffee but it's a good thing I didn't because I'm sure it would have ended up all down the front of me with the sheer amount of motion generated by this child.  He did spill his juice all over the floor by swinging his arms or bouncing around in his chair or some nonsense.  He threw something away in the trash can no less than a dozen times.   He talked VERY loudly and interrupted every other sentence.   I told him, "No!" or "Stop." at least 40 times.  I guess I just didn't bring enough for him to do.  A small rubber snake, a Matchbox car, a lollipop and a cup of juice were not enough to keep him occupied.  Starbuck's is no place for a 3 year old.
  ; )

It's on days like this that I need a list of the things I love about him at this age.  Things like:
- He always obliges when I say, "Give me a kiss."
- He is still squishy.
- When he isn't yelling, screaming or crying he has the sweetest little voice.
- He can be so funny.
- He says, "Thank you" quite a bit for a three year old.
- He may disobey often but at least he does it blatantly and he's not sneaky or manipulative. (Is that a positive?)
- Because he is so loud, I almost always know where he is.
- He likes to snuggle.
- His uncontrollable laughter when you tickle him and that when you're done he asks you to do it again.

This list will come in quite handy in a minute after I finish breaking up the fight occurring in my bedroom.

Joyce, can we do it again sometime?  Like when my kids are all grown up?