Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FORTY - Part 2

Do you ever get bored with your own pictures?  I think I'm bored.  It seems like they all start to look the same after awhile; except the part where the people in the pictures look older.  Especially beach pictures tend to look like the same thing over and over again.   To me.   I suppose this just means that we need to go to different vacation destinations each time.  ; D   That would work to get me out of a creative slump, right?  

Anyhow, hope these won't bore you ...  unless you've already seen them on facebook.  And, in that case,... well, I can't help you there.

As much as I love those beautiful faces up there, this might be my favorite from the weekend.  

We certainly weren't bored making these pictures.  Creating these memories.  Celebrating a certain wonderful someone's big 4-0!  Enjoying each other's company.  Eating shrimp and crab and scallops.   Chasing sea birds and catching frisbees.  Resting, relaxing and getting away from our usual scenery and usual routines. 

Sweet Shot Day