Monday, March 8, 2010


I've been composing a post all day in my head.   It started out with way too many "I" and "me" pronouns.   A lot of how "I" was feeling about something that has nothing to do with "me".

Then I changed the pronouns to "they" and "them".   It was about how much "they" gave.  How unselfish "they" are.  And "they" are but, if "I" know "them" at all, then "they" wouldn't want the post to be about "them".

And now I've turned the focus, my attention, the glory on God.  

He asked them to go.  They went.

He asked someone to give.  They gave.


He asked someone to pray.  They prayed.

It's about people He made who need help.  About obedience.  About love


Pictures by Laura Taylor.  Thank you, Laura, for going and for taking your talent with you.  And thank you to my friends who went who are pictured here.  For being obedient and for loving the people of Haiti enough to GO and DO something for them. (click on March 7th and move slider to 35:00).