Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Like a Lion...


The number of times we have gotten snow here this year.


Some years we don't get any at all.  Some years we get a few flurries.  Some years we get a snowfall that accumulates "deep" enough to leave footprints. 

But this year?  Four!  One flurry.  One that gave us enough for icy, crunchy snowballs.  One good enough for a couple of snowmen and sledding.  And now today...enough to keep my sweetheart from driving 40 miles to the southside to see a couple of patients.  (Why drive over an hour when only 1 or 2 might show up?)  Enough to keep him here with me.  He's giving the babies a bath.

And I'm totally expecting the school to call any minute telling me that the boys will be sent home soon.  : D
UPDATE:  Kids will be sent home at 10:30!  So funny.

  And she's wondering, "Why did I want to come out here?"