Monday, March 15, 2010

Cats and Coffee and Bracketology

The cat has found me again.  She's clearly missing the laptop more than I am.  Did I tell you I accidentally let the laptop slide off my lap onto the floor and that the fall broke the part of the power cord that you stick into the laptop and so now the whole thing won't work 'cause you kind of need power to run the thing and it has a battery life of approximately 33 seconds which is only long enough to walk with it from one room to another and quickly plug it in again before it goes to sleep?    

Raise your hand if you think that's the longest run-on sentence ever written.  Do you think I could get in the Guinness Book of World Records with that one?

Back to my point: The cat.

So, she's sitting here trying not to fall off my lap.  Her enormous backside is barely hanging on.   She used to be so comfortable hiding underneath the laptop and supported by the arm of the overstuffed chair.  But now that I have to do all things computer-related up here in the office, while sitting in this office chair, my lap has disappeared. Well, it hasn't disappeared but it is too small to support a cat her size.  Do you have any idea how happy that last sentence makes me?

While she sits here, though, it is hard not to pet her.  But it's spring-time and petting her only adds to the gobs of hair floating in the air.  I keep having to hold my coffee cup way up high so the cat hair doesn't float into my mug.  I mean, really!  I really don't want a mocha and caramel flavored hairball snack for breakfast.  ACK!

And I have been at this desk, off and on, nearly all day.   I tried filling out my bracket on but either my computer is malfunctioning or their site is INCREDIBLY  SLOW because of all the ding dang traffic there today.   It took me over an hour... AN  HOUR!... just to make my first round picks because it kept freezing up and I would have to walk away from it or throw it out the window.  I would go and do something else and come back and, occasionally, it would be ready for me to make another pick.  Sometimes I would have to leave again and come back... AGAIN. 

THEN!   THEN!!  The whole dad-blame thing shut down Firefox completely!   AND  when I got it back up?!  Guess what was missing?!

ALL my first round picks!


Soooo,....(*taking deep cleansing breaths*).... I am thinking that this whole thing isn't worth it.  Even IF I won the whole shebang, I'm believing that 10,000 dollars would not be adequate compensation for the amount of frustration I feel at this moment.

Here's to March Madness and...

LET'S  GO,   DUKE!