Monday, August 3, 2009

The Best Summer Ever

How do you wrap up summer in one post? It seems a little strange to me to be bringing it all to an end when it's only August 4th but school started today for June Bug and Cuddle Bug and Lady Bug will start preschool in 2 weeks so summer break is officially over. It was hard for me to find pictures to add in this post that I haven't already posted in June and July and I realized I missed one or two things that I still want to post about. I have had a lot to write about in the last 2 months because we've been having so much fun around here. So this post is a little bittersweet for me and I'll be referencing and linking up to some of my favorite posts of the summer if you choose to spend the afternoon here on my little blog. Of course, you could always come back later if you are just browsing through the pictures because you've come here from I heart faces blog(I wish I knew how to get the little heart icon in there).

Here we go,....

June Bug turned 8 and Lady Bug turned 4 in June. Here is the pile of wrapping paper from their birthday party.
We introduced a pet into our family as Lady Bug's present.

We celebrated Independence Day with family and friends.

These are Stephanie's tomatoes on July 4th. I'm including these in this post because they look so summery and where else could I include it since they're not even my tomatoes?

We played in a summer storm.

The 3 bigger bugs took swim lessons. Only Lady Bug really got the hang of it. She's quite fearless sometimes. Here is Cuddle Bug with his instructor Francisco.

We took a day trip to Chattanooga on Brian's birthday.

We went to our annual family reunion in Alabama.

We went to a couple concerts and we made and/or ate a lot of ice cream, cupcakes, cookies and barbecue. I'll miss these things the most. I have 13 pounds to lose before my birthday in October. T minus 10 weeks and counting...


Mommy Rachelle said...

you had the same problem I did... I've been posting about Summer all summer long...

Really loved your pool shots.

The Duttons said...

And now our tomatoes are finally turning red. Some critter out there seems to think they look good too because we've lost 3 beautiful ones to their appetite.