Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign. Life is demanding without understanding...

I was very tempted to put that song in my playlist just for this post but I'll spare you. Seeing the lyrics will probably be enough to get you humming that tune if you remember 1994 at all.

Along the 4 mile stretch of road between the exit off of I-20 on your way to "downtown" Aniston a phenomenon has occurred among the businesses. I've noticed this over the last few years that we have been holding our annual family reunion here and finally determined that it was worth documenting before all these little places board up their windows.

We'll start with the ones you probably already recognize. Household names really. Old dear friends.

For the record, I did not get a picture of Mickey D's or CiCi's pizza. I thought that might be overkill (like this already isn't?).

Next up:
Last names

And, technically, this next one probably doesn't officially count since there is no apostrophe to show possession of this store but I think it fits nicely into this same general category.

Coming up:
Run of the Mill First Names.
The kind of name your dad or sister-in-law might have.

That one is for you, June. Well, it is if you change the 't' to a 'v' but it's close enough right? No? Oh well, I tried.


Next on our list: (Good night! You mean there are more?!)

Not so common first names
Names I will forever regret not considering for my children because who doesn't love to shock their husband's granny with name choices?
"What kind of name is that?!"




And my personal favorite:
Notice: Healthi-er choices - not the healthi-est choices but hey! it's better than nothin'.

Of course, the entrepreneurs of Aniston are not limited to first and last names.

And, naturally, would any town be complete without the local nut-case?

And last but not least, even though it doesn't fit in this category at all, is our all-time favorite simply for the characterization of a grub.
Don't you just love the selection at the Grub Mart? Look at all the wonderful things a grub can buy! .... Propane, Barber, EBT (?), Milk and Air! My! My! What a cornucopia!


Boy Crazy said...

ahhhh!!!! thank you for reminding me how much i love patty griffen!!!!

Cindy said...

Just found you from byebyepie...nice post! funny... and, in case you needed to know: EBT refers to food stamps. I think it means electronic benefits transfer... or something similar.

nheimberg said...

indales...I think it is probably referring to the chops cooked in Dale's sauce. Im not a fan of it, but alot are.