Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sometimes I think this should be called The Lady Bug Blog

Did you know I have 4 children? You didn't? Hmmm... I suppose that's my fault since every other post is about either Lady Bug or Cuddle Bug. It is just so much easier to get in a post about the little ones because they are home all day with me and because they are always doing something ridiculous! The bigger bugs, however, aren't doing so many ridiculous things any more. Or maybe they are and they're just doing ridiculous things at school. Oh! I hope not! I guess if they were then I would be getting phone calls from their teachers about such things. They are good boys.

I totally skipped over their first day of school and posted about Lady Bug's instead. So,... three weeks late and without any further ado...!

Very handsome! Look how foggy the morning was!

Baby Bug watching them leave.

Where I waited for them to get home.
I love this spot!

Here they come!

I love these bugs!

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Liz said...

Such a sweet family!