Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who let the dogs out! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

They're done! My first order of cupcakes. I didn't go looking for a second job but it found me anyhow. Like that guy on Sixes Road that has a sign outside his house,"Will do any kind of work. Call ______ at 123-456-7890." Not looking for a job, just wants someone to come looking for him. Anyhoo...

Here they are. Eleven different breeds. Six different icing colors that all had to be dyed separately (sheesh!), mini-jelly-beans all over the table to search for all the black ones and sticky bits of cut-up marshmallows and Starburst candies all over the kitchen table. These were tough! But most of them turned out very well. My favorite is the pug! He's so cute!

I'll clean up tomorrow. Right now, ... I'm going to bed.

And, no, I didn't come up with these on my own. I'm only good at copying someone else's brilliant ideas. And here's my favorite source:

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Kristy Dorminy said...

You rock. Love them. I can't believe how many you did!!!!!! Good grief. I am so proud of you.

Crystal said...

Wow those are so very cute!! I could never do that you have some cup cake talent :)