Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Day of Pre-K

who is going to miss her Lady Bug
3 mornings a week
when she goes to Kindergarten
when she goes away to college
when she gets married and her husband moves her 1,000 miles away


Bee said...

Oh, I know exactly how you feel! I remember buying a cd once with Pachebel's Canon on it. I ripped the paper off of it and played it in the car on the way home because I loved it so much and couldn't wait to hear it. I started thinking about how I would like for my girl to walk down the aisle to that music. Then I thought about her upcoming high school graduation and how soon it would be that she would be moving out and then she would get married and some guy with a mean mama would move her to Alaska where they lived and I wouldn't be the favorite grandmother. By the time I got home, I was sobbing and both she and her daddy thought I was totally nuts!

Your little Lady Bug is sure a cute one. Did she have a great day?

Travelin Fam said...

1,000 miles away...could be 10,000 miles away! Who knows?!?