Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Lump or Four?

I'm going to be an aunt! I really can't believe I'm saying that.

My brother and sis-in-law are going to have a baby boy sometime in the next two weeks. A couple of weeks ago our family gave her a shower at Tea Leaves and Thyme here in downtown Woodstock.

Here is the guest of honor. She is so gorgeous! She's going to be a wonderful mommy!

This is her mom and grandma.

This is my mom. I'm such a lucky girl!

My grandma and my aunt, my mom's sister. This will be my grandmother's 7th great-grandbaby!

This is my great-aunt. She's such a cool lady! Does she look 87 to you?!

Tea Leaves and Thyme serves a child's tea that includes fruit, pb&j dipped in chocolate (!), bunny shaped jell-o, scones and...
a cute little chocolate mouse made from a chocolate covered cherry, chocolate kiss and shaved almonds. How cute is that?
Once Lady Bug discovered the lumps of sugar everyone got their tea sweetened a little more than they probably would have liked.
Aunt Liz gave her a lesson in the proper way to hold your tea cup. Look at her adorable little pinky!
Here is sweet little Barozzini Bug wearing one of the many hats provided by the restaurant.
And her beautiful mommy.

Here is Lady Bug with Boloney Bug. She loves this girl! Boloney Bug is growing up way too fast! She's such a knock-out!

While we ate we were being watched from above by Sarah who used to live in this house...

She's making sure we have our ankles crossed, our elbows off the table and that we're speaking in inside voices or else she might pull out her ruler and crack your knuckles!
Look out! (hee hee hee)

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The Duttons said...

We were there last Friday! Kayla had a great time, but Macy was a little too much work. haha!