Thursday, July 2, 2009

I don't think it gets any better than this. Continued.

Well, I was going to write more about our wonderful weekend, since Mom asked me to finish my story, but now Lady Bug and Baby Bug are back from their walk with Daddy and I've already had to get up once since I started typing this so I'm not certain that any of what I write will be coherent. It's hard to concentrate when they are arguing over blankets and the kitty and pushing a toy around the room and talking incessantly and generally being high-maintenance and loud.

Can you say, "Mommy needs quiet time." ?

Where was I?

Sunday morning: Because we went to bed late Saturday night, Brian and I were exhausted and not exactly feeling up to waking up at 6 a.m. in order to make it to our 8:00 Sunday School classes. But he needed to be in his Kindergarten class to help and I was scheduled to coordinate in Preschool at 9:30 so I suggested that he go alone to Sunday school and I would meet him with the boys in between services. That way he wouldn't have to wake up until after 7:00. But, on the way out the door, Baby Bug threw up, so obviously I wasn't taking him anywhere. So, that part wasn't good but the fact that he didn't get sick any more and was acting like his usual happy busy self within the hour is very good.

Sunday afternoon: My cousin was throwing a party for her beautiful baby who turns 1 this week. Mom and I took the big boys and Lady Bug to the party and left Baby Bug with Daddy when he got home from church. There was a bouncy thing and cake and I got to take pictures so we were all enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

Look at how big she's gotten! And so gorgeous! I can't believe she's one!

I love this look on his face. This is how he looked most of my childhood. He smiles a lot more now but it's fun to catch his grumpiness now and then too.

Sunday evening: At Christmas time, the kids were given free passes to Six Flags but we realized on Friday that the passes were due to expire on the 30th so Brian and I took June Bug and Cuddle Bug to Six Flags because there is no way we are going to pay 30 bucks a piece for them to get in later this summer. We got to the park around 4:00, found a parking space in the very first row without having to pay the extra $5 for "premium parking" and there was hardly anyone in line at any of the rides. We had a great time! Especially considering last year's visit when Brian and I were there for 7 hours and only got to ride 4 rides in that amount of time; lines were taking over an hour to get through then. Great parking space + No waiting + Overcast skies + Happy kids = A Wonderful Last Minute Excursion! We took them to Steak 'N Shake afterwards since kids eat free on the weekend, sat at the counter and were served like royalty. After dinner we went out to the car and Cuddle Bug saw fireworks going up in the distance. We drove across the street and watched them from an empty parking lot. I have no idea where the fireworks were coming from but I'd like to think it was God's way of topping off our great weekend.

It was two of the best days I've ever had. Thank you, God.

"Every good gift and every perfect (free, large, full) gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of all [that gives] light, in [the shining of ] Whom there can be no variation or shadow cast by His turning. - James 1:17 Amplified Bible

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