Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Confession

I read Jo's post today for Tuesdays Unwrapped and I have to make a confession.

I've been planning things for the kids to do JUST so I can take pictures of them doing those activities. I haven't been playing with them or reading to them or laughing with them or just being with them. Oh, the ugly truth. I've been absent in my own skin. M.I.A.(missing in action). Actually, it's really AWOL (absent without leave). I've deserted my post and in my mind I've skipped town and headed south trying to escape from the duties I volunteered for. It's high-time I checked back in with my Commander In Chief at Headquarters and asked Him to take over for me. Because, clearly, this soldier can't do it alone.


Kelli said...

I have confessed this time and time again. As long as we keep coming back to Him, He will give us the strength and joy to complete the task of training our children!! Thanks for sharing!

Jo@Mylestones said...

You're not alone, friend. :-)
I like your plan of action--to check in with Headquarters for help. I'm right there with ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I have been known to plan activities just for the photo ops they will provide! I'm glad it's not me. I'm so thankful for chances to try again!