Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brian's Birthday, Part Deux! Because we love to drag this whole birthday thing out as long as we can around here!

After seeing Rock City we ate at Cheeburger! Cheeburger! (who in the world came up with that name, anyhow?! I'm sure it says on their website so if you really want to know I'm certain you can find out.) Then we walked across the street to the Tennessee Aquarium. We only had enough energy left to visit The Ocean Journey side. The kids wanted to see the sharks and penguins and Brian and I had not been to the TN Aquarium since the second building has been built.

So serious!

I promise I'm not dumping her in!
Her little arms never did reach down far enough to touch any stingrays but she had a blast trying.

Who's GORGEOUS child is that?!
Oh! Mine! All mine!

Lady Bug with a butterfly

I hope that butterfly doesn't think that's a cave to fly into!
Sorry, I can't help myself! "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Um, yeah, my camera decided it was too tired to focus any longer.

After today, I'm kind of wishing I had one of these tank things to put them in (Lady Bug mostly) to muffle ALL. THE. WORDS. COMING. OUT. OF. HER. MOUTH. She's still talking, singing actually, even though I've put her to bed twice and she spent about an hour in the pool and a good 40 minutes in the tub tonight. Oh my gosh! at the energy!


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