Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a Hard,...It's a Hard,... It's a hard to know what you're sayin'.

Brian and I went to a concert last night featuring, get this..., Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan!!! It was fabulous! Mara Davis on 92.9 had said a few weeks ago that she thought Mellencamp puts on the best show and she wasn't kidding! Of course, it was incredible fun listening to legendary Dylan garble through every song and Nelson just kept rolling through hit after hit.

My camera was hatin' Bob's all black entourage and background. Or maybe it was because it was after dark when he took the stage. Either way I was hating my camera since he was the one I wanted to get the best pictures of.
If he didn't have such a distinct voice I might have thought I was watching Carlos Santana instead. Of course, he would have given it away by putting down the guitar and stepping behind the keyboard. I really wish he had not been wearing that crazy fedora!

The people-watching was just as much fun as the music. It was possibly even better than being at the airport!

The family in front of us consisted of the grandparents, their kids and spouses and two small children. Who takes little kids to a concert like this?

Then there was this guy,

Ma and Pa Kettle,

Dreadlocks Guy,

And a group of twenty-somethings sitting 3 rows in front of a group of 4 little old women.

And I'll leave you with 28 seconds of classic incoherence - courtesy of The Poet Boy, Bob Dylan.


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Carpoolqueen said...

So glad to see someone else takes pictures of unsuspecting strangers. I'm here from June's blog - checking to see if you'd posted your day's pictures.