Monday, May 4, 2009

Update on My Weekend Retreat

Well, I'm finally going to post about my weekend retreat I went on two weekends ago. K.D. says she has been waiting for it so here goes. Though, I'm not promising any coherence in this post since I woke up feeling a bit dizzy and had some very strange dreams and, of course, now there is a child in the office with me playing with a LeapPad toy so, if there are random comments like, "Touch the green GO circle..." or "McQueen was in a hurry to get to California for the tie-breaking race." then just ignore them.

I have been to youth camps all my life and really didn't want this experience to be like that. Of course, that will be entirely up to me. I did NOT come home and throw away all my cassette tapes of Madonna and Journey so we're off to a good start! ; )

I think what I learned most was what "service" really looks like. And it was eye-opening! It really is about giving and giving and not expecting anything in return, including credit or recognition. Just giving to someone and loving them because we should. Because that is exactly what my Savior has done for me and does for me every day. He gave Himself to me. Not because I was deserving or because I could do anything to pay Him back but because of who He is! He is so good!

We ate such yummy food and so much of it! I'm sure I put on 3 pounds while I was there but I don't want to confirm it by getting on the scale.

There were some sweet times of praise and I met some WONDERFUL women and can hardly wait to see them again and to meet their families! We were supposed to get together this past weekend but that was put on hold because of our sickies. Hopefully, we will get to see each other very soon.

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