Friday, May 1, 2009


We have had kind of a bumpy week. Monday Landon was ill, Tuesday was Anna's turn and last night Cameron woke up with a fever. He is feeling much better this morning but is obviously tuckered out... or just bored. I don't let them play video games on sick days - don't want them enjoying a day off school too much. ; ) I'm so thankful that each of them has recovered within or less than 24 hours and that they are rarely sick.

Although it hasn't been the easiest week I've ever had it helps to remember that my life is extremely blessed and some of those reminders have come in the form of blogs posted by a team from Compassion International in India this week.
- The LPM Blog
- Bring the Rain

Another reminder is from Stacy Cochran who, with God's strength, has been coping with her baby girl's Mitochondrial disease and now, this past week, with her older son being in pain from a virus in his bones.
-Megan's CarePage

Please join me in praying for each of these people.

Thank you, Father, for a clear perspective.

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