Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Mania

What a month! I hate to wish my life away but I have to admit that I can hardly wait to make it to June this year. What's worse is that with 4 kids in the house I know the next 14 - 16 years are going to hold the same thing for the manic month of May. It's already been a very busy 3 weeks and in the last 10 days this month we only have:
  • 6 more days of school
  • 2 class parties
  • 2 baby showers
  • 2 Sunday mornings of preschool duty
  • 1 Sunday School "get together"
  • 1 soccer pizza party
  • 1 Ladies' Bible Study and
  • 1 Kindergarten graduation luau left to go!
Then, after all that, maybe we will have more time for some of this:

1 comment:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Busy busy busy! WOW!

The luau sounds like fun, though

Thanks for popping over in my world and the kind words today......
I hope you have a fantastic day~


ps don't forget to enter the can treat yourself to a nice spa night after this long month of May! LOL