Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ho Hum

I feel like I'm really behind today. I didn't post anything over the weekend or even for Tuesdays Unwrapped. Not that any of you are on pins and needles anxiously awaiting a new post or anything. And yesterday I thought of all sorts of cute, witty, little things to say while .... (gosh! now I can't even remember why I actually got dressed!) I was getting ready to go somewhere.... Oh! Wait! Now I remember! ....(I digress) .... but I didn't post it right away and now I can hardly remember even one. Oh well. It's not important, right? Right!

Yesterday, Brian had to take Lady Bug to the doctor to find out what might be wrong with her arm since she fell at the playground Saturday afternoon. We had taken an x-ray at the office and knew she hadn't broken her collarbone again, thank goodness, but she was saying it was still hurting her and not using her right arm even on Monday. I'm glad I didn't have to take her; I don't think I could have held her while she kicked and screamed from the doctor messin' with her arm. Unfortunately, I will be the one that has to take her to a pediatric orthopaedist on Friday to determine if her shoulder is dislocated. Yeah, that sounds like tons of fun.

While they were at the doctor, Baby Bug and I went in search of a dresser or closet "solution". The crib and changing table have officially "left the building!" But that means that I need something better than the laundry basket to put his clothes in. The dresser that matches his bed is currently in the big boys' room so I'm looking for a bigger dresser for them. I asked June Bug on Monday if he would rather have his bed be black, red or blue. "Black." he replied. I then asked Cuddle Bug, with fingers crossed, which color he would prefer (I didn't think it would be fair to let the oldest have the sole decision on how their shared room would look). "Black." Whew! It will be much easier to decorate if they match. So finding a dresser should be easy since I will probably be painting it black to match the beds. Goodwill had a great deal for $22.98 and I'm hoping it will still be there in the morning when I return. Wish me luck! I've never painted furniture before.

So, before heading out the door to Goodwill, Wal-Mart, Target and then Steak 'N Shake, I slapped on my favorite cap, some clean clothes and the minimum requirement of shellac (a.k.a. make-up). I love this hat! It has hidden thousands of bad hair days and days that might have otherwise been good hair days had I actually felt like wrestling with it.

Clearly not a picture from yesterday.
Brian, June Bug, Cuddle Bug and I in Tybee Island in November '04.

So there's my post for the day. Random enuf for ya?

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