Friday, May 29, 2009

Stink! Stank! Stunk! .... and... Last Day of School!

Oh my! What a month. Please tell me it's over. No? Not yet? I guess even if it was I still haven't gotten any guarantees from God that June will be any better but I'm praying it will be. It just seems like it has been one inconvenience, injury or impossible schedule after another.

Today it is this:

In a very annoying little box that won't go away or when it does it reappears 1 minute later and sometimes is accompanied by his little friend in a talking bubble that says something else about viruses and cautions. The annoying little box says, and I quote,: "Trojan. Wincod - Trojan Found!..... Trojan. Wincod is a Trojan horse that displays message boxes and modifies settings on the compromised computer. ..... (buttons): Block or Ignore." This is all generated by a "program" (and I'm using this term cautiously since it very nearly downloaded itself onto my computer this afternoon) called Personal Antivirus. This particular "program" has hidden itself somewhere in my computer and, try as I might, cannot find the stupid thing to "Uninstall" it!!!!! One or both of these little messages are on the screen at all times and I am very suspicious that THEY are the virus and are currently eating up my hard drive, stealing all passwords and withdrawing the money in my bank account to buy themselves all manner of bits and bytes and such as I sit here typing!!!!

But this also happened today:

Last day of school! First day of Summer Break! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


~*Michelle*~ said...

Bummer on that virus or whatever it is.....I think I have something funky on my PC right now too. Sometimes I "hear" advertisements.....(no, I am not that crazy yet, LOL)

I just LOVE that welcome to summer banner.....I just might steal that idea (but sure to give you credit!)


The Greggs said...

Michelle, I hate those talking ads that won't go away until you shutdown internet!! And be sure to give credit for the banner to Family Fun magazine - that's where I got the idea.