Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Face photo

This is the photo that got the most votes on facebook and I agree that it's one of the best that I took yesterday. I only wish I had a way to submit one of my 3 all time favorites but those were taken pre-digital days and scanning them is just not "cuttin' the mustard." Whatever that means! I didn't do any editing to this one so I hope it will do "as is".

I love the I Heart Faces blog and hope you'll join in some of their challenges in the future!

"I am submitting this photo into the www.iheartfaces.com Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I Faces web sites."


jen@odbt said...

Great capture of her expression. She looks like she might be up to something.

Amanda said...

What a neat piture!!

God bless-

Erica said...

i love the expression in this pic! so fun!