Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Benar-benar kacau!

If my English to Indonesian translation is correct, then that means, "What a mess!"  

This has been my view, more or less, for the last few weeks on end.

My shoulders are on fire!  I have made approximately 8 trips to either Home Depot or Lowe's in the last 3 weeks.   I don't want to know (and neither does Brian) how much money I have spent on paint, painter's tape, roller covers and primer.   I have painted the office a silver-grey and turned it into Parker's room.  I moved Cameron into Anna's old room.  Then I painted it the UGLIEST shade of olive green.   Then I painted over the ugliest olive green with primer and painted it a pretty khaki/tan color.   I moved Anna into the boys' old room and painted it Pink Breeze.  And now, because I'm a crazy person, I am measuring and taping and painting stripes of green, brown, Timeless Rose and the same tan from Cameron's room.  

Ongepotchket!  That's what this is!
(In Yiddish that means: Messed up, slapped together without form, excessively and unesthetically decorated.) 
 Not that fabric, just the whole room in general!  That fabric is GOR-geous!!!

Right now her room looks like le rose camp d'entraînement du cirque caniche (or in English: a pink circus poodle training camp!)

I am trying to take it one thing at a time but I really just want it to be Hecho! (DONE!)

I'm going now.  Going to go take a shower and to scrape my arms, legs and hands with my fingernails ... again... to get this paint off my skin.