Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cameron's Birthday

I will do my very best to get this here blog up to date.  One post at a time and I may go in reverse order so don't get confused..

First up: Cameron's 9th birthday!   WHAT?!?   NINE???? 

We got him his own mp3 player and speakers for his birthday and I think he has only spent about 10 of the last 30 hours without headphones in his ears.  He loves his Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic.  And he's really, super duper cute singing along, "I'm fat!  I'm fat!  You know it!"   

Happy Birthday, Cameron!  You're an incredible kid.  You are so smart; your Grandma says she's never seen such high CRCT test scores (nearly perfect score in Math).   You love to play Bloons on the computer, learning new things and laughing with your friends.  Yesterday you asked to go to IHOP for breakfast, for mac and cheese for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.  You insist that you don't like anything to drink except milk and water and no amount of coaxing/bribing will get you to try new things.    

I'll never forget the afternoon I spent snuggling you and rocking you in the glider a couple weeks after we brought you home from the hospital.  I was crying because I could hardly believe you were all mine - that I was your mommy and that I was the one granted the awesome privilege of taking care of you.  You'll probably go to college the year you turn 18, which means that the time with you under my roof is already half over!  I can't think about that now or I will be curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb.  I love you.