Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm determined to click "Publish Post" at the end of this.

It's 11:39 p.m..  And I will not be able to sleep until I write this down.

I used to think I had a lot to say.  Well, shoot!  I still have a lot to say but I used to think that it was necessary to share it all and I didn't particularly care how it got said.  I lost at least one job and one friend because of this attitude and my careless words.   Saying whatever I felt and exaggerating to get my point across has also at least partially damaged some other friendships.  

I think I've learned to keep some of my opinions to myself and, when I do share my opinion, to distinguish them as such before I speak.   There is a difference between opinions and facts and I know that now.  If you are unaware of the difference, you only need to watch any "news" program on any channel to see the muddled mixture of these two.

I often don't think that what I have to say is worth hearing, though.  To be constantly interrupted, dismissed and often ignored can easily give someone this impression.  

In church, I have often heard speakers, teachers and preachers say things like, "God doesn't need your opinion." or "Too often we come to God in prayer and all we do is talk and we need to do more listening."  I think that last statement is true.  To a point.   

Because God DOES indeed care what I think.  God is listening.  God hears me.   And tonight I just want to say to Him:

Thank you, Lord.  For listening.  For hearing me.  For not rolling your eyes if I'm using too many words.  For giving me your full attention even when I get distracted and can't stay focused.  

Ladies and gentlemen,  He's got great big ears, my God does.  And I'm of the humble opinion that He's capable of hearing you and even speaking to you at the same time.