Monday, June 28, 2010

And now an Angel lives here and she's pooping on the floor.

Ok.  So, finally, here is the story of how an Angel became part of our family.

Last Wednesday Anna and Landon went outside to play and were greeted by a tongue lolling, tail wagging critter that immediately rolled over so they could rub her belly.  She was so sweet and so cute!  At first I thought she might be a stray since I didn't recognize her but, after a minute of oohing and ahhing over her, she took off after a man doing some work at the house next door.   I thought, "Gosh!  That kind of dog makes me want a dog!"  

Brian came home for lunch and was trying to help me locate every file and all 6,000 pictures saved on this stupid computer because something was terribly wrong with it when Anna came back inside and said, "That man says that he can't keep that dog and he's trying to find a home for it."   I replied, "Honey, we can't have that dog right now.  That's something we'll all have to talk about first."  and I sent her back outside.  

Then I turned to Brian and batted my pretty little eyelashes and whispered, "I want THAT dog.  She is SO sweet."  Then I told him the story of how the kids met her and asked him to at least come outside and see what he thought of her.  If he really didn't think it was a good idea then we would just tell Anna no and that would be that. As I recall, he said to me, "I just want you to know I will have limited involvement with that dog."  (hee hee...we'll see about that.)  

The man, Nehemiah, said he had found her at a gas station 3 weeks ago and that he had been having to take her with him to all his painting jobs because he couldn't leave her in his apartment all day and he felt like she really needed a permanent home with someone that could take better care of her.  I looked at Brian and he shook his head yes and now she lives with us.  

And guess who rubs her tummy and her ears and talks to her in his sweetest little baby talk voice to ask her, "Who's the sweetest wittle doggy wog?  Huh?  Is it you? Oh, Yes it is you!"

I wouldn't call that "limited involvement" would you?  But can you blame him?  Look at those sweet eyes!