Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Before & After - Anna's room

I can check one thing off my To-Do list!
I may have mentioned a time or two that I've been switching the kids' rooms around and painting and such. Well, I'm finally done with Anna's room.  All that I need to get for it is a rug, a clock and a new light fixture.  

Here's what the room looked like 4 weeks ago.  Cameron and Parker shared this room.  It's a very long room over the garage, technically the Bonus Room, but it has it's own full bathroom and large walk-in closet.  All the things an only girl in the family will need for privacy.


 Here's what the room looks like now after many, many days of 
painting and sewing and cleaning and hanging things.
(It's not quite this pink; I hit contrast on the pictures but it's a little lighter than this in real life.)
 Eventually I will paint this back wall the same shade of pink but I ran out of steam.  I will do that when I'm done decorating the boys' rooms.  So use your sanctified imagination and think pink.

Here's my didn't-feel-like-taking-the-time-to-read-any-instructions slipcover for her chair.  Trust me, even this wonky slipcover is an ENORMOUS improvement over the nasty stained chair underneath.

And here is the sweet, busy, beautiful girl that made all that work worth it.

 Hopefully, in the next 2 weeks I'll have more Before & After pics to show you of the boys' rooms.