Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sweet Shot - Autumn Style

Sorry 'bout posting twice today but I wasn't about to pass up on the opportunity to enter to win a free e-class with Kent Weakley.  Especially considering I didn't end up going to his class led by Joe McNally yesterday (I so wanted him to sign one of my copies of LIFE magazine where his photos are the cover story).  Ah well, maybe one day.

So here is my Sweet Shot from the last week.  Actually it's three shots because I couldn't decide between the three.

 I love this one for the orange leaf bokeh!  And for that green vine standing out in contrast.

 Ooooo!  Pretty pretty!  And right in my own backyard.  
Actually all of these are in my yard.  I love my yard.

And this one because, if you notice, I'm using my remote shutter release which means I didn't have to run to get in place to take this picture of myself.  
And I don't look half bad in this one and I love my new cranberry colored sweater and those shoes!!!

Sweet Shot Day