Friday, November 12, 2010

Knit One, Purl Two - and that's all I know about knitting

That last post kind of took a lot out of me.  I'm not going to pretend that it was terribly dramatic or that any of the events that happened to us were "earth-shattering".  But when I finally wrote it all down and realized that all of that happened within a year, it was kind of emotionally exhausting.  And I cut myself some slack for feeling stressed during that year.

And, just like all the past events have a tendency to do, they set the scene for the next year.  Each year builds on itself and creates this thing called "your life".

My friend Corinne has been knitting and I think God must be a knitter.  He has looped you together with your family and your friends and, even perhaps, complete strangers.  And He keeps connecting them all.  Each of your years is knit together with your parents' years and your children's years because their story is part of your story.  And so on and so on.  And we're connected, you and I.  And only He can know what His beautiful masterpiece looks like.  I'm only finitely aware of the yarns of my life; how they connect to each of the people I know and love but I may not know, this side of heaven, how the final project will look.  Is He making Himself a sweater?  a scarf? an afghan?  Because, after all, He's making it for Himself - for His glory.  

So, now is not the time to come unravelled. I don't want there to be any holes in a sweater made for the King of Kings.  But I suppose if I get a little tattered then He's the one that knows how to repair it.

Today was a little tough.  A child who has always made A's and B's came home with an F on his progress report and has a teacher who seems to care less.  Another complained of a stomach ache and this mama made her sit at the dinner table and eat a little bite of everything on her plate and then, when that child got down from the dinner table, she threw up all over the floor.  The youngest child asked to go with Daddy to work this afternoon and ended up asleep on the couch in the waiting room for an hour 'cause he was tuckered out and he got a span.king later tonight for continually disobeying.   And that poor middle child got virtually ignored except for a bed time story.

So, I'm going to let God make some repairs this weekend to this project He's working on (namely me) and I'm going to go make about 4 dozen cupcakes and pray they turn out well enough to justify charging someone for them.   And then I'll be back on Monday with another installment of our story because I'm just a little tired right now.